About Us

From Gate To Plate was created due to a bizarre twist of fate. Take one landscape gardener and one IT consultant. One week in September 2016, said IT consultant was chatting with the landscape gardener over a cup of tea.

“What do you do for a living then?” asked the landscape gardener.
“As little as possible, but I create websites, databases and all of that other boring IT stuff..” he replied.
“I have a little idea….”, said the landscape gardener.

And so the concept of From Gate To Plate came about, a free on-line directory of local producers and small farm shops the general public could use to find produce locally. It is the ideal platform for small producers who have no need of a dedicated website and have little or no on-line presence or who struggle to get noticed on the major search engines.

Now, more than ever, consumers are interested in the provenance of the food on their plates. Using from gate to plate to source local food and drink, reduces food miles, supports the local economy, provides full traceability and in the case of eating meat from rare breed animals, actually helps to ensure the breed does not become extinct.

We know that small producers are interested in making their produce. They don’t necessarily have the time, or indeed the money to create their own websites or Google advertising campaigns or what-have-you. We like to think we leave the producers to produce and we introduce the public to the producers.

High praise indeed from lifestyle guru, Liz Earle
High praise indeed from lifestyle guru, Liz Earle



You may not be aware of the local producers around you. When you are on holiday,  from gate to plate will take you to local producers you simply did not know existed. Enjoy the best in locally produced food and drink and boost the local economy at the same time. From garden and farm gate sales, to farm shops, dairies, micro brewers and so much more.

It’s free to list with no catch whatsoever.  Is all we ask is to be linked to users existing websites and to be promoted in user’s social media. We hope to raise revenue  by selling advertising space on a regional and national level to interested parties.

You can contact us at info@fromgatetoplate.co.uk

We would like to state that we are not associated with nor affiliated to www.fromgatetoplate.com in anyway what so ever.