Advertise with us

We have two channels of advertising available.

The ‘producers login’ page is the ideal platform for companies that supply goods and services to promote themselves to their target markets. Examples of this could include agricultural merchants, veterinary practices, slaughter houses, butchering services, farm insurers and so on.

The ‘home page’, where the general public search for local produce is the ideal place to reach potential customers who have a wide range of lifestyles and leisure choices. ¬†Almost any product or service will be of interest to people in their home location or when travelling around the UK.

Adverts will run in your geographical region with the option of running in other regions or nationally.

We have formats for Ads Type 1: 200px wide X 400px high. Type 2: 200px wide X 200px high that can be placed on either page.

For further information please contact us to discuss your advertising requirements.