Some frequently asked questions:

Q) What is From Gate to Plate.
A) We created this site to connect the public with local producers big and small who sell their products to the public. We appreciate that small producers spend their time sourcing and making their produce and have little time, money or inclination to be creating websites or ‘ad campaigns’ on the internet. Which is where From Gate To Plate comes in, we hope to be the Google of the local produce world.

Q) Who can have a listing?
A) If you  produce any food or drink that you sell direct to the public either face-to-face or online you are eligible to list on our site for free, even if that is a few eggs from your garden gate, or the surplus from your allotment. If you have a small holding, are part of an agricultural co-operative, allotment society or community farm you too are welcome to list. Farms that have an on-site shop selling at least 50% of their own goods or goods from neighbouring farms can also list for free.

Micro and craft brewers, wineries and distillers are all welcome to advertise as long as they sell direct  to the public.

All that we ask is that you keep your listing current and up to date. Producers can ‘sign up’ here. We do reserve the right to remove listings created by organisations who we feel are not right for this platform.

Q) Can I have an advertisement on your site?
A) We offer targeted advertising through different areas on our site. Further details are found on our site at ‘advertise with us’  or drop us a line at advertising@fromgatetoplate.co.uk

Q) Free listing? Where’s the catch?
A) There isn’t one. We won’t sell or pass on your details to anyone. We won’t bombard you with email (However, if you haven’t fully completed your registration details, we’ll send a reminder you at the start of each month). We hope to cover our costs by selling advertising space on the site but in exchange for your free listing we would like you to link us to your own website, ‘Like” us on Facebook, and promote us on your own social media accounts.

The more people that use www.fromgatetoplate.co.uk  the more successful it will be for producers and users.